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Why we care ...

After celebrating my son’s third birthday I was really saddened to see how much waste was produced from such a short happy event. Wrappings from food, drink, party games and gifts, not to mention the decorations and used tableware easily filled a couple of large garbage bags. What had intended to be a fairly environmentally friendly party turned out to be quite obviously not! It proved difficult to organize a green party as I had to trudge all over Hong Kong with a 2 month old baby in tow and find shops with products that were least damaging to the environment. Not an easy or fun thing to do! After the party was over I thought there must be a better way? And that was when Little Miss Green The Party Queen came to life!

Little Miss Green wants to help you create a memorable party that is not only great for you and your child but also great for the environment. When organising your child’s party we know there is a lot to think about and our hope is that through Little Miss Green you find an inspiring, fun and easy way to do it and it won’t cost the earth!

How we care ...

We are big believers in quality over quantity. We believe that children can appreciate a single item given with thought, rather than several throwaway items used as fillers for a thank you party bag. We also believe that children enjoy playing with toys that are made to last and inspire creativity rather than easily broken, gimmicky plastic trinkets. In regards to gifts, we believe that far too much money is ‘wasted’ on buying items for parties that are not loved by children. A quality item that lasts and can be passed down to other children is where you really ‘save’ money.

One of our big aims is reducing waste. We have kept this in mind with our range of products and what we do and don’t offer. Throughout the business we strive to produce as little waste as possible. We use only what is necessary to safely send or receive our goods. When we order our products, we request they are bulk packed in one protective bag rather than in small packs. And anything we cannot reuse, we recycle.

We believe that little steps really do make a difference. We think that caring for our children also means caring for our environment and by doing this we can make a difference to their present and future.

One of the ways we give back to the environment is through this organisation. 1% of our yearly sales is given directly to an environmental charity. For more information please go to www.onepercentfortheplanet.com

We also host our site on an eco friendly server which is powered by renewable resources.

Enjoy planning your next party!



 About Us


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